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Katie Pagacz

Hey, I’m Katie and I’m a recent graduate of Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Film and Television program.
If your project needs a polished dialogue edit, stunning sound effects, some consulting about the audio-post process, a solid mix to bring it all together, or all of the above (plus an abundance of enthusiasm to get you through the final stretch), look no further. I’m happy to help!

Let’s take your project from good to great with sound.



Katie Pagacz

I love how good sound editing and mixing can significantly enhance the story being told by the visuals and there’s nothing I’d rather fuss over for hours and hours at a computer than this! I’m particularly proud of the top to bottom audio-post work I’ve done on the award-winning films Words Behind Berries and El Olor Del Mango directed by Andressa Back, as well as The Touching Video directed by Andrew Strachan.

Words Behind Berries is available to view here.

Each of these shorts required entirely different sound approaches… and vastly different levels of dialogue clean-up! Working on them highlighted for me how extremely satisfying it is to determine the sonic treatment that will complement a particular piece and evoke the desired reaction out of viewers.

My work on El Olor Del Mango was nominated for Best Sound at Sheridan’s Screen Arts Awards.

I am also very proud to volunteer with SoundGirls, a non-profit that “exists to provide a support network for women and non-binary people working in the professional audio industry and to assist those with a drive to be successful in audio”. I was recently one of the hosts and editors of the SoundGirls Podcast. I’ve also moderated several discussion panels, delving into such topics as being a Sound Supervisor for Film/TV, Production Sound, and Sound Design across the disciplines of game, film/tv, and theatre for The SoundGirls Virtual Conference.


My Expertise


Pro Tools

  • dialogue editing [with experience using RX9 Advanced and Auto Align Post, podcast editing, as well as extensive practice on numerous short films including editing dialogue in different languages (Spanish, Portuguese)];
  • cutting backgrounds/ambiences;
  • cutting sound effects;
  • sound design;
  • transcribing for ADR;
  • preparing for Described Video

In Studio Recording

  • including setting up and recording ADR sessions

Location Recording


Audio Mixing

  • stereo and 5.1

Sound Edit Demo Reel

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